Crocs fest 2022
Crocs as Sculpture
I participated in the vibrant and creative project that encapsulated Crocs Fest 2022, in collaboration with Portobello PR. This event, celebrating 20 years of Crocs, unfolded at The Rocks, Sydney, on the 7th and 8th of December. As a representative of the University of Sydney, our engagement in this project was centred on fostering artistic expression and exploring novel interactions with the iconic Crocs footwear.
These sculptural pieces represent an exploration of both the functional and aesthetic dimensions of Crocs footwear, drawing inspiration from their original design as boat shoes, which facilitated water drainage. The concept involved tilting the Crocs and pouring liquid plaster inside. This innovative approach resulted in sculptures that evoke the captivating visual of flowing water. As the plaster solidified, it took on the form of a distinctive stand.
My sculpture was shared on social media, this recognition led to @crocsaustralia featuring it on their instagram story.
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