Invisible Touch
Grounded in Mono Ha principles and inspired by a recent gallery visit, the artwork's core concept revolves around the interplay of materiality and gravitational forces. It features a weighty rock exerting a pull on a pristine plastic sheet, drawing from Nobuo Sekine's gravitational transformations in "Phase of Nothingness - Cloth and Stone."
Incorporating invisible forces - heat, gravity, and time - serves as a metaphor for the intricate interplay between nature and human creation. The elevated placement of the rock on a high table, with legs pointing downward, enhances the gravitational pull visually. Simultaneously, the juxtaposition of an unrefined rock against meticulously crafted plastic prompts viewers to question preconceptions.
In essence, this artistic exploration transcends the tangible, navigating abstract realms where materials, forces, and perceptions converge. The interplay between the rock, the table, and the plastic sheet becomes a symbolic representation of unseen forces shaping our existence.
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